We will have International Session with more than 30 special invited international faculties as listed below, as well as Free Paper (oral presentations or digital poster) considered eligible for this session.

Invited International Faculties
Name Country
Nelson Piccolo Brazil
Chao-hua Jiang China
Luan Jie China
Qingfeng Li China
Weigang Cao China
Xiaojun Wang China
Irena S. Rini Indonesia
Suhara Budiman Indonesia
Teddy Prasetyono Indonesia
Michele Zocchi Italy
Hong Lim Choi Korea
Jae-Ho Jeong Korea
Hoon Jin Korea
Il-Kug Kim Korea
Jong Woo Choi Korea
Kwang Seog Kim Korea
Moo-Hyun Paik Korea
Yong Chan Bae Korea
Young Joon Jun Korea
Amin Kalaaji Norway
Ewa Siolo South Africa
Chang-Chien Yang Taiwan
Shyigen Chen Taiwan
Apirag Chuangsuwanich Thailand
Peera Thienpaitoon Thailand
Sanguan Kunaporn Thailand
Luiz Toledo UAE
Brian Kinney USA
Dhruv Singhal USA
Gregory Evans USA
Joseph A. Molnar USA
Lee Pu USA
Lynn Jeffers USA
Nolan Karp USA
Rodney Rohrich USA
Roger Khouri USA
Sydney Coleman USA

We welcome free paper abstract submissions from foreign countries as well as Japanese participants. Information of call for abstracts for International Session, can be found here.

This session will be presented in a same room, spread throughout three days of the meeting. The official language for this session is English, and sessions will include ample time for audience questions and participation.